All about Safety

The nature of this trip begs the question,"How will I know my son is safe?" Rest assured, Camp S.O.U.L has hired Temagami Outfitting Co. professionally trained and certified wilderness guides to assist us in this amazing adventure. Your son's safety is our priority and every measure is taken to ensure that everyone will have a safe and wholesome experience. Every group carries a satellite phone, first responder bag and professional Wilderness First Responder guide. The boys are given a detailed explanation of all activities which require caution as well as orientation prior to the trip. Camp S.O.U.L is fully insured in case there is Chas Veshalom an incident which requires medical attention.

Shabbos Nachamu

We are super excited about our Shabbos plans. To allow the boys time to get to know each other in a relaxing atmosphere, Camp will spend our first Shabbos in a comfortable Group B&B and enjoy a festive and authentic Shabbos atmosphere. From friday night oneg, to inspirational speakers, delicious food, and comfortable beds, uplifting singing, and emotional dancing, you can expect to feel rejuvinated afterwards for many weeks to come!!!


Believe me, when I set out to create a wilderness camp, one of my main goals was to keep the camp affordable. Notwithstanding the specialized nature of our camp, we managed to arrive at an economical price $2450 USD!! Take advantage of this incredible offer. Thats keeping with the industry average, notwithstanding that we are a FRUM program. Unfortunately at this time we can't offer subsidies, however, we are committed to trying to attain scholarships in the near future. How to pay: After recieving registration confirmation, an invoice will be sent with the option of paying with cheque, e-transfer (quickpay) or Credit Card.

Who are the Temagami Outfitting Co. ?

Temagami Outfitting Co. are professionally trained wilderness guides and outfitters, with years of experience leading survival expeditions and nature adventures. They have partnered with Camp S.O.U.L to ensure a safe and exciting summer for your son. for more information please visit

What is Bushcraft?

What Is Bushcraft? Bushcraft is the art of using the resources provided by our natural environment to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. It combines the knowledge of how to best use the plants and animals at your disposal with some basic bushcraft tools to make outdoor living easier and more efficient. In learning bushcraft skills we benefit in many ways including: -Increasing our ability to adapt to new challenges -Becoming more self sufficient -Growing our confidence -Increasing our survival skills -Becoming better prepared to face unforeseen problems What Are Bushcraft Skills? Bushcraft encompasses several skills to shape the world around you and meet your survival needs:

  • Food Foraging
  • Trapping
  • Water Gathering and Purification
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Building
Food Foraging - Knowledge of local plants - Camp cooking - Avoidance of toxic plants - How to efficiently harvest Trapping - Reading animal signs - Building snares - Using lures - Hiding human scent - Tying knots Water Gathering and Purification - Foraging for water - Making a water filter - Purifying water - Fire building (for boiling) - Container making (for carrying water) Shelter Building - Felling trees - Batoning branches - Harvesting other materials - Thatching or weaving grass or bark - Knot tying - Natural insulation and waterproofing Fire Building - Collecting wood - Gathering tinder - Batoning branches - Building a bow drill, fire plough or other device - Building a fire pit - Types of fires and their uses

What should I pack?

Please look over our packing list well. Additionally, to get a proper feel for canoe tripping, you can read up online about packing tips and other interesting ideas.


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