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Camp S.O.U.L is excited to detail this years amazing canoe and camping experience

Continuing whats already been AMAZING, Camp SOUL 2020 is building an exciting trip for you this summer!


R.K. Toronto

Thank you, Shaya. "L" came back a different boy. It's amazing what these few days did for him!  

P.P. Brooklyn

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience you gave the boys. Truly an experience of a lifetime. 

J.S. Toronto

I was thrilled with the summer 

Didn’t know what to expect but when my son came back I saw on his face that he had an incredible time!!

Amazing Camping

There isn't a more exclusive canoe trip and camping experience, because this is run by professional  outfitters

Gorgeous scenery

Temagami's natural beauty is not to be believed

Unplugged and alive

This summer leave the Tech behind and experience something different

inspiration and 


Our Goal is to provide a summer of growth so you leave REVITALIZED

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Wilderness 101:  Intro To Wilderness Life

Monday, August 3 - 7

Welcome to Temagami. Our trip begins in the small town of Temagami, Ontario. Here we will meet the Temagami Outfitters and begin a whirlwind of activities. The Temagami Outfitters are a professional tripping company that provides our gear and guides for the trip. They have put together a tremendous itinerary for us including Fire Building, setting up a campsite, fishing, woodwork, ropes & knots, camp food prep, wildlife and food identification, knife skills and safety, and a ton of more fun.


The first few days of Camp S.O.U.L  bring us to setting up camp on Crowne Land, and beginning with learning some exciting new skills. The boys will be given different responsibilities around the campsite to challenge them with teamwork and communication. We feel that having the boys run camp allows for the greatest amount of learning and growth. Swimming in the lake as well as daily hiking excursions will be accompanied by team-building and wilderness skill workshops, all preparing us for the 2 week canoe trip that begins after Shabbos. Expect to be challenged and entertained. 

Shabbos  - The World Testifies

August 8

Wow. We've seen some amazing sites, learned some brand new techniques and skills, and had a blast hiking, camping, wood-working, and BBQ/Kumzitzing! That brings us to Camp S.O.U.L Shabbos . Coming together for the first Shabbos after Tisha B'av, we focus on what it means to have a relationship with Hashem even in the hardest times. How to build Emunah and Bitachon in a world where he conceals himself.


As a matter of fact, the whole trip is geared toward making Hashem's presence ever more present. We follow the path Rav Avigdor Miller Z"L took when approaching nature. "The world testifies," is our motto and theme. 


Expect a relaxing Shabbos, filled with singing, learning, games, davening and DELICIOUS FOOD. 

Canoe Trip - Obabika Continues 

August 9 - 14th

We set out in the vans to our drop point. This is where our canoe experience begins. Each respective group will head out on their tailor made route. We will paddle and camp an approx. 90 km route taking in the beauty and thrill from all sides. The boys will thrive as they persevere through canoe, portage, hikes, and camping out. Morning coffee, shmuz, and Davening surrounded by stunning views on all sides. Cliffs, wildlife, forests. What more can one dream for? These moments are priceless. 

Currently we are working on providing a way to have Shabbos in the wilderness. Before committing to the idea, Rabbonim are looking over all the details so as to ensure that Shabbos can be kept in an optimal way. That includes, Eruv, proper detail to Muktzeh, Bathrooms. Preparing Shabbos food. Our goal, for experiencing Shabbos on an Island, is to break up the trip as little as possible so as to maximize the camper's time outdoors. Alternative options include North Bay Residence and Conference Center or Temagami Shoreline Acoomodation. 

Sample itinerary


Toronto, ON, Canada

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